Part 2 - How to Make a Princess Cake - Icing the Dress

If you are not used to icing a cake with Fondant icing, don’t be scared by it. It’s much easier than it might seem, plus there is the added beauty is that this cake has multiple layers of skirt and flowers, so any imperfections can easily be covered up.

To give the princess’ skirt lots additional shape and movement, we are going to add some rolls of fondant underneath the icing. Take about 150 g of the white icing and using the cake smoother, roll into 8 logs, roughly the same length as the height of the skirt, tapering one end to thin.

Place the logs around the side of the cake, positioning the larger ones at the back and the smaller ones at the front. Leave the direct front bare for the opening of the skirt.

Mix the Yellow and remaining white fondant icing together.

Take two thirds of the icing (wrap up the rest), and roll out to approximately 5 mm thick. You may want to use a fine dusting of icing sugar underneath if you do not have a mat

Place the rolled icing over the top of the cake allowing it to fall into position. Use your hands gently shape the icing around, remembering that the icing will shrink and stretch where you need to to

Once you are happy with how the cake is covered, press the side of your finger all around the bottom edge into the board, this will help seal the cake in. Using a sharp knife or a scalpel cut all the excess paste off.

Combine all your remaining paste together and add about 2 teaspoons of Gum - Tex powder to it and knead to mix. Leave to rest, tightly wrapped, for 30 minutes to allow the paste to become more elastic.

Skirt Tiers

For the rest of the dolls dress, roll the icing out as before, but this time a little thinner to about 2 - 3 mm.

Using a 12” cake board (or plate of similar size) cut a large circle. Use your finger to gently take off any ‘fuzzy’ edges.

Cut a wedge out of the circle, this will be placed at the front of the skirt like an opening.

Top Tip - Use as little icing sugar as possible. This will prevent it from cracking and drying out whilst working.

Put a little edible glue on the very top of the cake. Be careful, you don’t want to get it anywhere that won’t be covered as it will leave a slight residue mark.

Top Tip - You can make edible glue by adding a little water to Wilton Gum-Tex powder.

Place the skirt layer centrally over the cake with the front opening at the front. Press down gently on the top only.

Using some rolled kitchen towel, place underneath the icing intermittently to create the ruffles. Leave to set for about 30 minutes or until it has firmed up. Do not remove the tissue until the paste if fully dry. And make sure the none of the tissue touches any of the glue!

Repeat the above process again for the second tier of the skirt, this time using a smaller template / cake card.

Waterfall dress train:

The final touch to the skirt layers is the ‘waterfall dress train’ at the back of the skirt. Roll out the paste as before and cut a large circle. Fold and cut the circle as illustrated:

Attach to the back of the skirt with a little glue and gently shape. Insert the doll pick into the top of the skirt. You may wish to use a little glue to help secure in place.


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