Product Review - Sugar Writer

When I first saw Wilton’s new tool, the Sugar Writer, I needed a bit of convincing that it wasn’t just a gimmick (sorry Wilton!!!!!). With my kitchen cupboards already bulging with cake stuff, I wasn’t entirely sure that I had a need for the Sugar Writer in my life. However after a little play with it, let's just say that my feelings have changed!

What is it?
In a nutshell, it is a battery operated nozzle to be used with Wilton’s range of Sanding Sugars. The sugar pots twist right onto the back and you’re ready to go.

How to use it - or in my case… not to use it!
My first attempt at using the Wilton Sugar Writer was an excellent example of how not to use it! Let’s just say that I managed to get sugar EVERYWHERE but the cake!

My sparkly explosion could have been neatly avoided if I had just spent two moments looking at the instructions where it clearly advises you to hold the sugar writer horizontally and close to the surface. Not, like my misguided attempt, holding it like a pencil from a distance.

How to hold the Sugar Writer
How the sugar comes out











Now the sugar will neatly flow out at the touch by pressing the battery operated button (batteries are included). I would suggest that you may want to put a sheet of paper underneath to catch all the excess sugar so you can easily just pour it back into the bottle.

Easily pour excess sugar back into the bottle











It is really easy to change the sanding colours; twist off the top and use the brush included just to give the insides a quick clean and hey presto, you can pop the new colour on.

How to change colours
Included brush for cleaning











What to use it on?
The Sugar Writer works really well on a variety of surfaces such as Buttercream, Sugarpaste and Royal Icing. The only thing that you need to remember is that the sugars need to have something to ‘stick’ to, so you will need to ensure that the icing has not dried or alternatively just paint a little glue on the area you wish to decorate. But be careful, too much glue and the sugar sprinkles will melt into a shiny mush!

Using Wilton Dab and Hold Glue before adding the sugar
Sprinkling sugar on a damp surface










Royal Icing topped cupcakes 

You can make the colour of the sugar more intense by colouring the surface icing below. Once everything is dry you can use a soft brush to dust away any residual sugar.










You could also use the Sugar Writer to decorate other edibles such as macarons, ice cream sundaes, Marvellous meringues…..the list is endless and it will be great to see how creative everyone gets! I’m also quite keen to see how it works with stencils, as I think that will look exquisite, especially if you blend the colours.

Candy melt and sugar meringues



The verdict
I doubt I will ever manage to get the precision to use the Sugar Writer to actually write anything legible with….but don’t let my inability put you off. I think there are quite a few little bonus sides to this fun tool and I have already found myself using it on a few different cakes.

Firstly, if you have children they are going to LOVE this! And you will love it too, because anyone with any experience of cake decorating with kids will know that you usually lose a whole tub of sprinkles in the blink of an eye. This is much more controlled resulting in much less sprinkle loss.

It is also much easier, cleaner and quicker to use the Sugar Writer than alternative sprinkling methods such as using fingers / spoon / brush. Plus, you can happily say goodbye to dipping things in sprinkles, to be left with everything getting gunked up with glue and things falling off as you dip them! For commercial production purposes, I see this working very well, so don’t be fooled into thinking it is just a toy for amateurs.

And I absolutely must mention that the sanding sugars are gorgeous! Even though it is advised not to, I think you could probably use some other fine sprinkles in there too - but don’t tell Wilton I said that.

Given that my training was very ‘old skool’ where we were taught to use anything that we could get our hands on for free, it takes a tremendous product to convince me to buy it. Despite that the Wilton Sugar Writer has me sold, just don’t get me to write a letter with it!

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