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When we received the 'I taught myself buttercream flowers' piping kit from Wilton, our brains were bursting with ideas! Unicorns are still the trendiest mythical creature around, so we had a vision of the stunning buttercream flower mane we could make with this kit, and brought it to life!

A quick look at Instagram or a stroll down the high street will show you that the fascination with unicorns is still very obvious, and it looks like it's here to stay. We thought we would keep with the trend by making our very own unicorn in cake form. The arrival of this amazing kit was the perfect excuse to make one! It contains five piping nozzles perfect for creating different shapes and sizes in your buttercream, a flower nail, and 12 disposable piping bags to fill with every colour of the rainbow. The kit also includes a 44 page booklet full of amazing ideas and stunning photos to inspire you. We adore it!

How does the kit work?
Like any flower, it all starts with the seed. The seed in this case, is the piping tip. The kit contains a range of different petal, star, and leaf piping tubes in various sizes which all produce different effects. Simply put a tube of your choice into one of the piping bags, fill with buttercream, and pipe onto your cake or cupcakes. It's as simple as that! The booklet included in the kit gives you plenty of tips and advice on mastering the art of piping, as well as what the flower nail can be used for. It also teaches you a little about food colouring, the different types, and what they can be used for. When you're ready to pipe, practice on paper first to make sure the colours are coming out the way you want them to!

How do I achieve the perfect buttercream unicorn mane?
To produce the perfect unicorn mane, mix four different bowls of buttercream using concentrated gel paste food colouring in blue, pink, violet, and lemon. Snip off the ends of the bags and insert a different piping nozzle into each bag. Insert the 4B tube into the bag to be filled with lemon coloured buttercream, and the 18 tube into the bag to be filled with pink buttercream. Insert a 1M tube into the last bag, and fill it with a mixture of pink, blue, and violet by placing them on different sides of the piping bag. This will create a beautiful three-tone effect.

Starting at the top of your cake, begin to pipe individual swirls of your triple coloured buttercream using the 1M tube. Continue down the back of the cake and curve round until you reach the bottom front right of your cake. Pipe small yellow flowers using the 4B tube following the direction of your triple coloured buttercream swirls. Fill in any gaps by piping tiny pink flowers on your unicorn's mane using the 18 tube.

Make sure the colour is dispersed evenly to create a beautiful multi-coloured mane. Add a scattering of cake sprinkles to finish. This will really bring your unicorn mane to life!

What else can I make with this kit?
Use the booklet to inspire you and give you some amazing ideas to make full use of everything in the kit. We took inspiration from the 'garden oasis' cake in the booklet to create our own one for the festive season. Buttercream flowers are so trendy right now, and look stunning on pretty much any cake for every occasion!

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