Candy Melts Candy Mold Set

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Candy Melts Candy Mold Set
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You'll want to make Candy Melts candy lollipops, treat toppers and more for every celebration with the eight assorted candy moulds in the party-themed Candy Melts Candy Mould Set. The 19 designs contained in the eight moulds include a bow, cupcake, wrapped candy, cake, party hat, balloon, heart, star, flower, baseball, football, basketball, soccer ball, peanut butter cup, leaf, zigzag, swirl, scroll and triangle.

  • With three moulds designed to accommodate lollipop sticks, you'll be able to make cake toppers, candy pops and much more.
  • Instructions on the packaging explain how to make filled and solid candies, plus candy lollipops.
  • Set contains eight moulds. Moulds are not designed to be used for hard candy or soap.
  • Always melt with adult supervision.
  • Cavities vary in size
  • Non-stick surface offers reinforced coating that provides quick release and easy clean-up
  • Candy designs include bow, heart, star, flower, peanut butter cup, leaf, zigzag, swirl, scroll and triangle
  • Designed for easy usage


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