Candy Melts Dipping Tools

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Candy Melts Dipping Tools
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Use this smartly designed, stainless steel dipping tool set for quick and easy candy making at home. Use the angled 3-prong fork for dipping flat treats, like brownies or cookies. The cradle tool is angled to cup round treats, making it easy to evenly coat cake balls. The thin, spear-shaped tip of the spear tool inserts easily into treats, like strawberries and marshmallows and holds them securely in place for dipping. The wire construction of the tools means they touch your treat less, making it easier to achieve a smooth surface for your dipped treats.

Candy dipping and decorating tool set Includes 3 candy decorating tools: Angled 3-prong fork for dipping large treats Cradle tool for evenly coating cake pops Spear tool for dipping bite-sized treats

  • Stainless steel wire touches less of your treats for a smooth look; Dips treats in any shape or size
  • 3 Essential tools make dipping easy
  • Dip treats in any shape or size
  • Angled heads on the fork and loop allow for easier dipping
  • Use to hold fruit, candy, or nuts securely while dipping them into melted chocolate or other coatings
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