Cookie Flooding Decorating Kit

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Cookie Flooding Decorating Kit
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Decorated cookies with detailed wet-on-wet royal icing. The Cookie Flooding Decorating Kit includes 3 precision cookie decorating tools specially designed to help you achieve professional-looking royal icing cookie decorating techniques. Use the etching tool to drag icing, create marbling and feathering, add detailing, and smooth air pockets. Use the 3-pronged comb tool to marble and pull colours using evenly spaced, clean lines. Smooth edges and remove excess icing using the silicone scraper tool. Get inspired to create beautiful royal icing designs using the Cookie Flooding Decorating Kit.

  • Includes 3 tools to achieve royal icing techniques, including colour dragging, marbling and feathering.
  • Etching tool is perfect for adding design details using the colour dragging technique.
  • 3-pronged comb is perfect for marbling and feathering
  • Smooth edges using the silicone scraper tool
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