Dessert Decorator Plus

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Dessert Decorator Plus
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Great for beginners who have never used a decorating bag and tip. Perfect for left or right-handed decorators. Use the Dessert Decorator Plus to decorate cupcakes, cakes and cream or custard filled desserts. Clear barrel holds 1 to 1½ cups of icing, filling or whipped cream. Includes 5 decorating tips. Easy to control thumb lever controls flow.

Tips are easy to change, so you can use the same color icing to make stars, then switch to a dot with a simple twist and swap. The pull-out plunger eliminates icing waste as it scraps the edge of the barrel like a spatula as you decorate. Plus, standard Wilton tips can be used with the Dessert Decorator Plus, so your options are limitless.

Includes 5 Decorating Tips
Use the large coupler to decorating using these five versatile tips. Round, star, petal and leaf tips are perfect for creating borders and other designs. Use the bismark tip to infuse treats with delicious fillings.

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