Easy Layers! 4 Piece Loaf Cake Tin Set

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Easy Layers! 4 Piece Loaf Cake Tin Set
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Save yourself the trouble of torting your cakes to make a trendy tall, multilayer loaf cake. With this set of 4  tins, you can make a four-layer cake with ease for a definite wow factor!

One cake mix or a single batch of batter is enough to fill all four tins, and most ovens have the space to accommodate all four tins baking at once. Make an ombre cake, tinting the batter in four gradations of colour, or a rainbow cake, using a different icing colour to tint each layer.

Bake a chocolate cake with different fillings separating the layers or mix different flavours into each layer for a taste sensation. Stack up a naked cake, one where the layering is the star because the exterior of the cake isn't iced. Or, create a classic torte filled with whipped cream, mousse or fruit. This cake tin set lets you play with your options!

  • The tins in this innovative set are the perfect depth for a multi-layered cake
  • Several recipes are included in the box.
  • Uses 1 cake mix
  • Non-stick
  • Includes 4 tins, each 25cm x 10cm x 2cm)
  • Oven safe up to 232 degree C
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