Fondant Yellow 250g

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Fondant Yellow 250g
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Wilton has improved the flavour of the fondant while not sacrificing any of the flexibility, ease of use and sturdiness. Its pliability means that it's easy for you to smoothly cover a cake with confidence, while its elasticity makes it easy to create 3-D decorations that hold their shape. But it's the smooth vanilla flavour that we are most pleased with your guests OOH and AAH over your amazing fondant cake and then delight over its flavour, filling, cake and all.

  • Tested to ensure success with wilton tools.
  • Printed foil packaging safeguards freshness for longer shelf life, retains colour vibrancy and inhibits moisture.
  • 250 g pack
  • Perfect for creative cake expression
  • Easy to work with especially for novice decorators
  • Flexible and pliable to cover a cake without fear of easily cracking
  • Elasticity makes it easy to create 3-D decorations that hold their shape
  • Offers a melt-in-your-mouth taste with unmatched pliability making it easy to use
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