Mini Tasty-Fill Cake Tin Set

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Mini Tasty-Fill Cake Tin Set
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Imagine a cake with the center filled with ice cream, whipped cream, filling, fruit, icing, mousse or some other tasty concoction. With the Mini Tasty Fill Tin Set, center-filled cakes that will wow your friends and family are easy to make. The patented design of the tin creates a recess in the centre of each mini cake. Once the cakes are baked and released from the tin, fill each recess with a tasty treat, invert one filled cake over the other, and the surprise middle is surrounded by delectable cake.

Create all types of filled single-serving desserts with any flavor combination you can think of using these convenient non-stick tins. With four 4 in. x 1 ¼ in. tins in the set, you can make two full mini cakes at a time. Set also includes a recipe book with complete instructions and delicious recipes. Works great for molded salad or dips as well.

  • Adds Wow! to your cake
  • Create all types of filled, single serve desserts
  • Set allows two full mini cakes at a time
  • Includes a recipe book with instructions and recipes
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