Neon Florals Standard Baking Cases 150Ct

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Neon Florals Standard Baking Cases 150Ct
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Celebrate with vibrant solid and floral baking cups, the easiest way to dress up a cupcake. Serving cupcakes in several flavor combinations? Use these baking cups to colour-code the various options for your party guests! They are also ideal for sweets, party snacks, nut cups or craft projects. The plastic container helps the cups to keep their shape.

With 25 each of three solid colours (green, fuchsia, tangerine) and three patterned (yellow floral, green floral, tangerine geometric), you can use different colours for separate occasions or make a colourful assortment of cupcakes every time you bake.

  • The 5 cm baking cups fit standard cupcake/muffin tins, making tin cleanup easy
  • Suitable for preparing delicious cupcakes
  • Combines good product design and functionality
  • Suitable for using one colour per occasion or mix and match for a vividly colourful display


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