Non-Stick 12 Cavity Delectovals

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Non-Stick 12 Cavity Delectovals
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Make delicious oval-shaped snack cake treats using the 12-Cavity Delectovals Mini Cake tin. These fun to eat treats are great to serve undecorated as snacks, but you can also dip, drizzle or decorate them to make them extra-special. With a little decorating, you can turn them into a racecar, a caterpillar or silly characters for any occasion. Plus, you can mix and match cake flavour and fillings to make uniquely flavoured snack cakes. Since the tin is non-stick, your cakes will release easily from the tin.

  • Each cavity measures approximately 10cm x 4cm
  • Combines good product design and functionality
  • Non-stick surface offers reinforced coating that provides quick release and easy clean-up
  • Suitable for all occasions
  • Non-stick coating means your snack cakes will release easily from the pan
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