Peppermint Meringue Christmas Wreaths

Peppermint Meringue Christmas Wreaths

These beautiful wreaths are quintessentially Festive with their candy cane stripes and peppermint flavour. Use to hang on trees or wrap as gifts.

Makes: Approximately 10 wreaths
Skill: Easy

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Step 1

  • Line your tray with either a silicon mat or parchment paper. Pre-heat the oven to 110C
  • Make the Marvelous Meringue mix as per recipe instructions. Flavour as desired with Peppermint extract.

Step 2

  • Prepare a piping bag with Tip 4B and paint 4 - 5 stripes on the inside of the bag using red icing colour.
  • Fill the piping bag with the meringue and pipe stars into a wreath shape. A good tip for getting a good template is to either draw around a round cutter or dip the cutter in icing sugar and use to ‘stamp’ a template onto your tray.
  • Decorate with sprinkles. 

Step 3

  • Bake for 1 hour, turn the oven off, but keep the door closed. Allow the oven to cool completely (this will prevent them from cracking) before removing from the oven.
  • Finish with ribbon bows. 

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