Prmary Rainbow Metallic Foil Baking Cases 72Ct

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Prmary Rainbow Metallic Foil Baking Cases 72Ct
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Bake a rainbow of colourful mini cupcakes or muffins. With 72-Count Rainbow Cupcake Liners you can create a variety of colourful treats. Foil lined to keep cupcake liners looking bright even after baking, perfect for coloured batter and chocolate recipes.

  • Includes 12 of each colour: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple baking cups. Includes 72
  • Perfect for any occasion, the Wilton foil baking cases make everyday cupcakes prettier
  • Standard-size 5 cm. Baking cases are perfect for your favourite cupcake recipes and they fit standard cupcakemuffin tins, making tin cleanup easy
  • With 72 baking cases, you can make cupcakes for a crowd or several occasions or use for sweets, party snacks or craft projects
  • With 12 of each foil colour, you can use them for separate occasions or make a vibrant assortment of Mini cupcakes or muffins every time you bake
  • Package Contains 72 baking cases measuring 5 cm in diameter
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