Ribbon Fondant Cutters

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Ribbon Fondant Cutters
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Combine spacers and blades in customizable combinations to make the perfect ribbons, beautiful bows, border trims, striped designs and linear accents for your fondant cakes. Smart Fondant Ribbon Cutter Set makes it easy. With three spacers in each size, four blades in each design (straight, zigzag, wavy) and two locks to allow you to load narrower combinations of spacers and blades on the wheel of the cutter, the versatility of this tool means you can make wide and narrow ribbons in the same roll of the cutter, saving time and fondant.

  • Easy push-button system of inserting and removing the wheel from the handle makes the cutter fool-proof  
  • The made-to-fit storage case keeps everything in its position with a peg system; each peg is marked with what is housed on it, making clean-up easy.
  • Sturdy latches hold the lid in place, but when you're using the set, the lid snaps in under the container's base, keeping your workspace clutter-free.
  • Blades can also be used for cutting pastry dough, making interesting lattice pies easy to make.
  • Cut multiple strips at a time, or use the locks to cut single strips.
  • Comfortable, ergonomic handle designed symmetrically to support balance and offer uniform pressure when cutting.
  • Versatility allows for variety of ribbons.
  • Easy, push-button system for inserting/removing wheel.
  • Includes made-to-fit storage case.
  • Time saver Comfortable, ergonomic design
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