Scoop-It Batter Spoons

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Scoop-It Batter Spoons
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No more guessing at how much batter to put in a mini, regular or jumbo muffin or cupcake tin or whether you're filling them 2/3 full each time. With the Scoop-It Batter Spoons from Wilton, just fill the Scoop-It, level off the batter and pour into the baking cup or cavity in the cupcake or muffin tin. Your cupcakes will be consistently sized and your bowl will be scraped clean, thanks to the flexible edge that acts like a silicone spatula. Spoons nest for compact storage and cupcake-shaped plastic ring holds the three together through a hole on the handle.

  • Egg-shaped design makes pouring easy and mess free
  • Takes out the guesswork of filling 2/3 full for perfectly sized cupcakes
  • Fill, level off and pour
  • Flexible edge
  • Nests for compact storage.
  • Makes pouring easy and mess free - great way to get the kids involved

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