Sugar Writer Thought Bubble Cookies

Sugar Writer Thought Bubble Cookies
If only these cookies could talk…shaped like fun thought bubbles and words, these Thought Bubble Cookies are super expressive. Decorated with the Sugar Writer Sanding Sugar Pen and a collection of tinted royal icing colors, these roll-out cookies are great for teenage birthday parties or fun treats to pack in your kids’ lunch box. Use any color of Sanding Sugar sprinkles to create your messages and have fun decorating these wordy treats!
Skill: Easy

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Step 1

Bake cookies

  • Prepare cookie dough following recipe instructions.
  • Using Word Bubbles cookie cutters, cut out, bake and cool cookies.

Step 2

Prepare icing. 

  • Prepare royal icing following recipe instructions.
  • Using icing colors tint 1/4 cup icing each orange, green, blue, yellow, violet and red.
  • Reserve remaining icing white.
  • Prepare six decorating bags with tip 3. Fill separately with tinted icing.

Step 3

Decorate cookies

  • Working with one cookie at a time, spatula ice cookie with white icing
  • Using Sugar Writer and any color of Sanding Sugar, print letters on cookies
  • Using icing in any color, outline cookie
  • Repeat for remaining cookies.

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