Treatology Chocolate Flavour Pairing Pack

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Treatology Chocolate Flavour Pairing Pack
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These unique flavours and are stronger than standard extracts and emulsions, so it's easier than ever to quickly infuse delicious flavour into any dessert. Use less to flavour more because every drop is bursting with delicious flavour. Use the Wilton Treatology flavour system to mix drops of flavour, and create your own recipes. Or, follow our easy Treatology QuickCount flavour recipes to make unique flavour-infused desserts.

Wilton-treatology flavour system: chocolate. Treatology flavour concentrates create delicious flavours that pair ideally with vanilla-based treats. Mix and match delicious flavours including creamy cappuccino warm chili pepper and Salted caramel with your favourite recipes.

  • Bottles of flavour concentrates.
  • Includes 3 bottles and flavours
  • Bottles contain 57ml
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