Treatology Lemon Flavour Concentrate

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Treatology Lemon Flavour Concentrate
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Amp up the flavor of your cake batter, icing, cookie dough, drink recipes and more with this LEMON flavour concentrate. Part of the Treatology system, these gourmet drops infuse deliciousness into anything you add it to. Use these drops to make our LEMON Cupcakes featured in our recipe section. One of four Treatology System flavours you can purchase separately. Use our QuickCount chart to combine LEMON with other flavour concentrates to create your own recipe. Complete Treatology System sold separately.

  • 64 fl. oz. (19 ml)
  • Lemon flavour concentrate
  • Contains drops of flavour infusion
  • Part of the teratology flavour system
  • Suitable for cake decorating purpose
  • Contains no harmful chemicals
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