Ultimate Cake Leveler

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Ultimate Cake Leveler
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Cut off any cake's domed crown and torte your cake for a stunning multi-layer cake with ease with the Wilton Large Ultimate Folding Cake Leveller. Precision stainless steel blade Adjustable to 8 different heights easily Folds for easy storage Ergonomic handle The precision stainless steel blade can adjust to eight different heights easily with a twist and locks in place, allowing you to trim off the top of the cake so it's level and to cut the cake into thinner layers and put icing or filling between for a multi-layered, torte cake. While it folds for easy storage, the sliding sleeve locks in place over the hinge so the two ends work as one long blade, slicing through your cake evenly and smoothly. And the ergonomic handle makes slicing through the cake easy. Blade is long enough to cut through an 18-in. cake. 8 blade setting.

  1. Twist-lock feet raise and lower blade with ease
  2. Precision stainless steel blade has 8 height adjustment positions for delicate torted cakes and for cutting off cake crowns
  3. Sliding sleeve locks handle securely
  4. Ergonomic handle gives you more control when cutting
  5. Blade has eight height positions for cutting delicate torted cakes and slicing off the cake crowns to make the top of your cake level



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